The Beauty of Beau Taplin: Micro-celebrity

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Often when people think of online personas and ‘micro-celebrities’, it is often associated with lying and not being truthful about who you really are. You give the best of yourself to thousands of people on the internet often without mentioning the struggles you have faced. Many of these celebrities post photos of themselves, or their food, or how amazing their lives are; yet I have recently discovered one micro celeb that it is raw about his own life and his experiences, no matter how traumatic.

Beau Christopher Taplin is an Australian author who uses social media as his own advertising. He began posting his own thoughts about both the amazing and horrible aspects of life is honest about his own problems and worries. He has social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. He has begun to gain traction with A-List celebrities who repost his quotes and his new self-published book, Buried Light, has proved successful because of his social media presence.

important. • my little book, Buried Light is available via the link on the home page xo Love Beau

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I absolutely ADORE Beau, I think his style of writing and just overall honesty about how shitty life can be is just a testament that not all micro-celebrities have to be obsessed with themselves and show off their ‘perfect’ lives.



(The clearly very ugly)* Beau Taplin



Read more about Beau:



“How’s your DA going?” “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Literally my conversation with every other BCM student over the last month.
This digital artifact is so hard to keep going.

Moving to UOW is basically all user contribution, so it is so tough trying to get people to like it (without being like THAT guy who won’t stop posting stupid photos of their cat wearing a sombrero)

It had been over a month since I last posted, so I decided to give Moving to UOW a reboot (without really “rebooting”)
New profile picture + more content + more advertisement = more likes (More. More. MOOORRREEEE!!!) I’m so keen to really get this beautiful ol’ taco truck up and running again!

Check it out!

Snapchat: Allowing YOU to be a journalist since 2011

Before we start, I just want to make two things very clear:

  1. Note that I said Snapchat allows you to be a journalist. I didn’t say you were good, so don’t get all cocky.
  2.  If you came here for “sexy journalism” i.e Snapchat nudes then you’re in the wrong place. Sorry.
We’ll just leave this here.


Snapchat is all about sending photos and videos, documenting what’s happening and sharing it with all your friends. People take selfies with celebrities, video events happening around them and laugh with their friends about the dumb stuff that Melanie posted last night (like oh my god, what the hell is wrong with her????).

Snapchat has introduced features like ‘Discover’ and ‘Live’ which enable users to interact with and become the news. ‘Discover’ allows “real” journalists such as the Daily Mail, MTV, CNN and National Geographic to give quick recaps of the days events or things coming up in the world.

‘Live’ enables us, the “citizen” journalists, to supply our own recaps of an event, such as Cinco De Mayo, the Kentucky Derby or even videos and photos of the American election. The internet has allowed our friends, our family and even ourselves to become a journalist (and I didn’t even need a degree! Suck on that Mum!)


Welcome to the future, kids!



IXM/PRI/RNBU!!  Mix/Rip/Burn!
(I just remixed my own words. What-up)

I like to think of remixes as angels that bring back the dead. A lot of popular songs released in the 70s, 80s & 90s are now finding their way back up the charts because of remixing a song or chucking two together. Often remixing proves just as much talent as the individual who created the original track – pushing the limits and using musical skills to slide one song into another. An amazing example of this is Pop Danthology – Daniel Kim uploads his remixes and mashups onto YouTube and it is truly astonishing how we makes it flow and work together to create an entirely new(ish) song!

I’ve given remixing a go with one of my views I gave on Copyright. It’s not great, I know, but hey Flume didn’t come up with ‘Holdin On‘ straight off the bat so I’m not really stressed.


If you’re interested in listening to something AWESOME after what you have just been subjected to then look no further! One of my favourite Simpsons things right now.



Moving to UOW: Annotated Bibliography Part 2!

Welcome to the second and final part of Moving to UOW‘s annotated bibliography!


Search Engine Optimization 

This source documents the best ways to maximise a website or page in order for it to be more accessible for an individual searching for a particular topic. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing ‘read’ through documents on the internet in order to give a relevant answer to a question posed in a search engine.

Because Moving to UOW is just starting out and needs the publicity, this source not only explained SEO’s but also gave me advice on how to get my page onto a popular search engine; such as am I making clear the purpose/content of my page and whether what I have published is helpful or does it hinder a search engines scoping capabilities. Although a helpful source, it is difficult to promote Moving to UOW with little content – something I aim to improve as my DA progresses.



Chattr is a Facebook and webpage news site that updates stories about global events and everyday happenings. It utilises a variety of media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and its own website to inform and entertain readers and viewers alike.

Chattr and Moving to UOW are similar in the fact that its purpose is to educate users as well as providing advice for those who may be struggling and may require help and support from other students. Although a helpful source in developing my DA, Moving to UOW is more focused on student experiences and feelings rather than a global news platform.


UOW: Where Are They Now


UOW: Where Are They Now is also a digital artifact that is mainly on Facebook. It discusses the stories of those who have graduated, their experiences and what hardships they have been through in order to get where they are today.

Like Moving to UOW, it is motivated by user contribution. It also enables current and prospective students to explore and react to different situations and give support to those who have had to face challenges in the past. However, Moving to UOW’s main purpose is to provide support to one particular demographic – those who have had to make the move to Wollongong and how they have dealt with that particular situation.


Moving Away from home for the first time! My Advice

YouTuber Britney Lee Saunders made a vlog documenting her experiences about moving out of home at such a young age. She talks about the financial hardships she faced, as well as the difficulties in finding a home and not living directly with a strong and reliable support system.

Like Moving to UOW, she decided to document her experiences in order to give advice and assistance to those who are thinking of moving out or those who are struggling with their decision to move away. However, Moving to UOW aims to collect the experiences of not just one individual, but a range of people to provide a better understanding and more relatable stories to become of help to someone who is having difficulty coping.


Tips for successful marketing through Facebook

This web source gives advice to people who may be struggling with promoting or using their page effectively. It gives advice on how regularly to post without compromising those who have liked the page, encourages the use of photos and videos and the importance of interacting with other uses to build a successful page.

Although this page is generally for businesses seeking to expand onto the internet, I found some helpful advice that assisted me in advertising my page without over-promoting. The initial start-up of any page is difficult – this webpage also introduced me to Facebook Insights, where it gives you a general demographic of the page and how to broaden or focus on that information successfully.

Moving to UOW: Annotated Bibliography Part 1!

Welcome to the first part of Moving to UOW‘s annotated bibliography!


Faces of UOW

Faces of UOW is a Facebook and Tumblr page that is designed to express the past and present feelings and goals of students who attend the university. It is platform for individuals who are featured to not only feel confident but also to show relatable people to those who are thinking of attending the University of Wollongong.

Faces of UOW is not a conventional means of promotion for the university. Most advertising consists of handpicked students who are high achievers or fit the look of the ‘everyday’ University of Wollongong student. This Facebook page illustrates the struggles of university students both from an educational viewpoint and a personal one. My DA aims to show not only a real UOW student, but also show that feeling scared or alone because of moving away from home is stressful. I think for any user based page or site it is important for people to have the option to submit their own story, not only to get across their idea or point in an organised way but also give a broader view of university students.


Humans of New York

Humans of New York is a Facebook and Instagram page that mainly focuses on the lives of those who live or are visitng New York. The page’s creator, Brandon Stanton, also travels to different countries – majority being war-torn nations – and discusses problems with refugees or with those who are attempting to seek asylum.

It is a good basis for my Moving to UOW page as it is similar in nature. However, although it does rely on user contribution to a certain degree, Stanton goes out onto the streets in New York to openly find those who would like to contribute rather than wait for people for stories or photos. Although Moving to UOW is aimed at a smaller demographic than Humans of New York, I think it is important to have a page that talks about local people and other users can recognise and support students that are featured.


Pop-Up (Previous DA)

A previous BCM digital artifact, Pop-Up is a series of YouTube videos designed to gauge student opinions about a range of different topics. This can be from light-hearted discussions to in-depth conversations about life, social issues and loss (see above). Pop-Up, like Faces of UOW and Humans of New York, is reliant on user contribution and when executed successfully can become a popular and well-known site.

However, spontaneously approaching people for an opinion can be daunting as people may be nervous or struggling to think of ideas to respond with. Moving to UOW enables the user to contribute and formulate an answer without feeling any pressures or nervousness in a face-to-face setting.


Reach Out Australia

This Reach Out Australia page discusses the possible issues or problems that can arise from moving away to study at uni. It gives readers advice on how to cope with moving away as well as contact numbers for those who are really struggling and how to make safe decisions when you have moved to a new place with little to no support systems.

Although it is helpful for those who are struggling or are considering moving, I found that it lacked a ‘real person’ perspective and could be interpreted as hypothetical. Moving to UOW aims to show prospective and current students the experiences of those who have actually made the move and how they have dealt with the problems they have faced. Although the digital artifact does not provide psychological advice, it does provide


Shaanxo Vlogs

Shannon Harris (better known as Shaanxo on YouTube) is a make-up artist/beauty vlogger/everyday blogger who discusses her career and lifestyle on a series of social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She has amassed a huge cult following online and has over two million subscribers as well as hundreds of thousands of views per video.

One of the reasons Shaanxo was part of my inspiration for Moving to UOW was because of her willingness to open up about experiences and discuss the hardships she has faced in her life. This was the main aim of my DA was to talk about experiences and adversities faced because of a big lifestyle change. Unlike Harris’s vlogs, it was vital for Moving to UOW to be focused solely on user contribution and I believed that YouTube could not offer me the same focus that Facebook could.

Simpsons, Squishies and S-transmedia

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Okay so first of all – I needed some sweet, sweet alliteration for my title and there isn’t any other word starting with s for transmedia.

Stop judging me, it’s been a long night yeah?

The concept of trans media has allowed writers, directors and inventors to expand their brands and capitalize on multi-media platforms. It’s definitely a win/win – consumers get their favourite show  in a variety of different ways, and those who develop it get to reap the financial rewards.


Oooh that’s a good squishie.

The Simpsons is the epitome of transmedia success. It is a TV show, a critically acclaimed movie, has published hundreds of comic books, has various games on a variety of different consoles,  has its own LEGO range, jigsaw puzzle range, has its own albums AND has a world dedicated to Springfield at the Universal Studios in Hollywood, USA (just to name a few).

Check out my (first!!!) YouTube video featuring the Simpsons about understanding the concepts Ted spits out.


NOTE: FOX Broadcasting blocked my video based on copyright grounds. Hopefully next week all will be good!





The e-Sports Revolution


If photo link not working, click here.

The world of e-Sports has become bigger than anyone could have anticipated, as it is hosted on the biggest platform possible – the internet. Over 27 million people watched the 2015 League of Legends championships compared to National Basketball Association (NBA) finals with only 15 million.

It is becoming a growth industry indeed, with big companies such as Red Bull and Samsung taking  advantage of the publicity by sponsoring teams or events.

Many suggest that having a television channel designated to e-Sports is way overdue. However, I believe that having a TV channel would be taking a step back – online is where all their viewership is and is more convenient and accessible than having to access it on Foxtel.

Check out my prezi for more information on e-Sports and some pretty interesting figures!

References/read more:



Conquerin’ gatekeepers since ’97

Ye ol’ Gatekeepers are anything or anyone that monitors the messages we put out into the world – whether that be publishers, manufacturers or even the university blocking particular sites that they deem as unnecessary or inappropriate.

PlBKfTd - Imgur
Tom Hanks realises shit about to go down

Now, we have become the gatekeepers for the information we produce. Except that one time I swore on a Facebook status and Mum rang me to tell me to take it down. Which I did. Because I’m not stupid. (She buys the groceries).

A classic example is a VPN. A VPN literally masks your IP address, making web serving anonymous. Classic gatekeepers like Netflix rely on IP addresses to determine your location in order to stream content designated for your country. With a VPN, they can not determine this and therefore an individual can can see unrestricted content by connecting to a server elsewhere. And they are pretty pissed.

Before I watched the full lecture, I thought that Google could be considered the initial gatekeeper of the internet. However, I realised that Google doesn’t stop us from accessing what we want, when we want it – just gives us the right steps to get there. It is like a door in the middle of a random field – you can go through it if you want, but you can just as easily bypass it and laugh at those n00bs going through it. (Like me) (I’m the n00b)



Project Home: Moving to UOW

uow smaller
Initial logo for the page

Moving away from home was one of the toughest things I have ever done. It was even harder moving to Wollongong knowing only two people they both did different degrees and lived on a different campus.

I originally developed an idea that involved reality TV and how it matches up with an average person’s everyday life, but I found it was 1. going to be too time-consuming and 2. get annoying and boring. If you want to read my first blog post for “Reality” VS Reality then click here.

I decided that I would start a Facebook page (and perhaps an Instagram) about students that have moved away from home (whether that be an hour, 10 hours or across the globe). I’m hoping to post at least 3 times a week if I get other students to contribute enough and be able to develop a global UOW network where people can interact with others about the struggles of moving away or leaving home.

Just a quick plug: if you are interested in contributing to the page (which would be much appreciated!!) please message the facebook page or email a little blurb about yourself, where you’re from, what you study and how hard/easy/awesome/omfgwhathaveidone it has been to move away and the changes you had to face.

Please add a photo to your submission; whether it’s of yourself, you and your friends, your hometown or just something you feel represents you.

Note: the logo for ‘Moving to UOW’ is not for public use.