Task 3: better known as HOLY MOLY THAT THING IS DUE SOON?!?!

I wish I could say that an assignment’s due date just popped out of nowhere. 

I can’t lie to you, dear readers. I’ve known about this one for many, many weeks and knowing that fact is really not making it much easier.

If you’ve checked out my BCM212 tab, you’ll know that I am currently undertaking a project about Australian politics and young people. It has been a bit of an interesting topic to research – finding out the varying opinions across Australian media and of course, my peers in BCM212 and my friends. A lot of the time when we are passionate about a subject or at least vaguely interested, quality research is rarely undertaken. A lot of time we get opinions from others or we find information that we deem is true – and sometimes it really isn’t.

It has been difficult over the last couple of weeks to allocate time to really smash this one out with other assignments due and just my Netflix obligations (I know Mum; I KNOW you’re proud). A task this ‘big’ (even though it is indeed quite small) is often daunting as it is completely self-directed – I can barely remember to put peanut butter on my toast before I eat it let alone start a brand spankin’ new project by myself and get it going.

I assure you, treasured scholar, that I will give a final reflection in the next coming weeks* and will also give a general overview of my findings just to put that educational icing on top of the intelligence cake. You’re welcome.


*It’s literally part of the assessment. I have to do it.
BUT I am doing it for you, my reader. Just remember that.


P.S You’ll be surprised to learn that the woman in my feature image is actually not me. Just as surprisingly, I can’t actually read. The more things you know.

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