I’m scared of commitment (to 24 month phone plans)

I’ve always been a bit worried when it comes to commitment. I don’t mean like committing to a partner or anything – (oh hey T, you’re reading this? Love you xoxo) – I mean like entering into a 24 month phone plan because you accidentally dropped (smashed) your precious (shit) phone (brick) and you needed a new one.

I feel like I’ve never had enough money to really commit to massive 24 month things that solely rely on my ability not to lose or break something. It’s kinda scary when the salesperson gives you a pen (I mean it’s electronic but it still counts) and makes you sign your life away to something that you probably don’t even understand, let alone want.

And lets be honest, I’m always afraid that once I sign up, something 100% better will come along like 2 and a half months later (seriously T I promise we all good xo)

It’s weird how I am not worried about commiting to relationships but I am about jumping into realitively lower risk things. I’ve come to realize that for me,  it is having to sign – if I had to sign something when I started a relationship with T and it had all these terms and conditions I would be pretty hesitant (and probably thinking I was walking into 50 Shades of Grey thing and no one needs that)… unless it had something about daily, 20 minute foot massages. You ain’t never seen me pick up a pen so fast (Hi T, it’s crazy you’re still here and you are reading all this information about me that’s so interest… wait, you want to give me a foot massage later? Oh babe, you just know me.)


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