Project Research 2: The Tale of the Looming Deadline

For my BCM212 project, I am researching Australian politics and the interest young people invest in it. After getting the ok from my tutor, I started delving a little deeper into the topic. As I’ve said in previous BCM blog posts, young people and Australian politics is something that I am considerably passionate about. I think that if you are going to undertake something like this, you have to pick something that you are going to want to do and make sure a deadline isn’t the only thing to keep you going.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing and releasing survey questions while also formulating questions for an informal interview with a couple of people – some who is interested in politics and some who aren’t. It isn’t going to be anything too elaborate – just an expansion on the survey questions with a bit of context behind it.

Another thing that has become a major part of my project is formulating a risk monitoring strategy. It basically involves determining what risks I have encountered and what I am I doing to combat them – while also continuing to monitor them so it will not happen again. Major ones that have begun to affect this project are time management and planning, communicating with all you guys!! and of course, the ever-dreaded bias.

I thank everyone who has answered my survey and taken the time to get involved in my project. I plan on communicating a lot more with everyone about the contents of my project and eventually, the result.

Stay tuned to find out more or tweet me @lozrissa if you have any questions or want to contribute in any way. I’m forever open to ideas, and would forever grateful if you did!

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