Hometown Glory

Before I start, a big thanks to Adele for the top notch blog post title. I owe ya.

My hometown is kind of snuggled up in the middle of nowhere – but I guess everyone’s usually is. I’m  the first one to bag it out or make fun of how many bogans live there or that one weird lady you always see stealing cutlery in Kmart; but for the first time this year, I think I am truly starting to miss it.

Not the town at least, although I do miss driving around the streets knowing every shortcut, every good dress place and the best takeaway shop huddled in a side street smack bang in the middle of suburbia. Or going into your local Maccas(s) and knowing basically everyone working there.

I miss the people. I do miss most of the gang from high school, doing zero work (or maybe that was just me) and having the best time. Although once you move away, you quickly realise 1. who your gang really is; 2. whether you are going to put in any effort either; 3. even the ones living in the same town drift apart from each other too and 4. leaving high school is probably the best decision I never really made.

It is crazy to start again at the ripe ol’ age of 18. It probably is the best age to do it, and uni is probably the best reason and the best opportunity – but going from having most of your life ‘figured out’ in high school to realising that was not the case at all midway through first year is a crazy concept to get your head around.

You always drift away from the people you didn’t mean to, and sometimes you can even come closer to those you didn’t really know before. It is never the same in any year group but it always happens the same way and yet you can’t help but be shocked about it happening – although you always have that one person that you see graduation night, and then never see them or really hear from again.
And when you ask people about them, they say “Shit. I feel horrible. I forgot they even existed. Would you like some lemonade with that cup of goon?”.




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