Mid-week thoughts and dibble-dabbles

I often find it difficult to explain the thoughts that are going on in my mind. They are constantly swirling about and it is often like trying to decipher a language you have barely heard – it is mostly gibberish with random words occasionally popping up that make sense.

It makes it so much harder when I am having a bad time mentally and people are trying to ask me what is wrong. How can I explain it? How can I work it out if I can’t even understand it? It is so much worse trying to sit there figuring it out, watching someone get more and more frustrated, and getting absolutely nowhere.

Often, when this happens, my mind totally shuts down. Like absolutely no thoughts at all, just blank. This just makes things 100% worse – I am frantically searching my brain for anything, any help. It is like it just gives up and then eventually I do too because what else can I do? It is like trying to stare and focus in a pitch black room. It is basically impossible.

I would definitely prefer a room with a crazy amount of Simpsons memorabilia and a delicious chicken parmy in the middle of it. I can easily decipher that.

Thoughts? Chuck us a comment (or lightly throw it. I’m a bit uncoordinated).



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