Apparently, Netflix doesn’t count as employment – and I’m an example of why it shouldn’t

Hi guys, my name is Larissa and I’m addicted to chicken parmigiana.

Hi Larissa.

It’s been three days since my last parmy, and…


Wow, this is sooooo embarrassing. Wrong blog.


I’ve decided to write more personal blogs (again) and try to keep a regular schedule (and I mean it)(No seriously, like I really mean it) (Promise).
Last year, I was struggling hard with what I wanted out of life and how to spend my time. Contrary to popular belief, napping and watching Netflix all day every day is not a great lifestyle choice. It might work for some, and that’s cool – but it isn’t good for me and it definitely doesn’t work as a full-time job. Although I’m not gonna go on a whole “McDonalds-made-me-obese” tangent, Netflix and watching tv contributed significantly to my loss of motivation and all-round boredom with myself – but 100% my fault! (I still love you Netflix ♥)

This year has become a year of trying to come to terms with the problems that I have and also working so. fudging. hard. to be motivated and do the things that I love. I love writing, reading, eating chicken and being with my gorgeous boyfriend and absolutely-holy-shit-they’re-amazing friends so why the heck! am I denying myself of those things?


Okay fine, I haven’t stopped eating chicken. But you get my point.

Lately it has been all about finding that balance. For me it has been the holy grail of good mental health – you find a balance, where you work but play (or in my case, you play but work) and in the end you are gonna feel a lot better and a lot more accomplished. Getting there is one of the most challenging parts – but admitting that it had become a problem that I could no longer fix on my own has been beautifully bittersweet. Bitter because, yes, I have the problem to begin with but sweet because I’ve realised I don’t have to deal with just little ol’ me (plus the help of T-man and my beautifully supportive and very understanding friendos).

I’m gonna try and document how I’m going in everyday life in the hopes that it is really gonna help me chucking it into the big, black hole that is the internet. It is all about finding something that gets those feels out.

Because who doesn’t love feels?!?!?

(But seriously, if you are definitely not loving those feels, that’s okay. You are a strong, lovely, chicken loving individual who deserves to be happy. Cut yourself some slack and love yourself a little. You have a broken bone, you don’t leave it for 2 years until it has become a significant, life-altering and debilitating issue. You go to the doctors, a hospital, a physio and you. get. that. shit. fixed!)


This image is from The Urban List where they name 7 of Melbourne’s best parmy’s.
Check it, serious cravings here:



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