Curious is such a curious word – and other musings

As an avid napper and all round lazy human, I often get frustrated with myself because I feel like I don’t have enough curiosity, enough drive to make it through the day or venture through the world on my own.

So short story short, I was staring at a few “interesting”* drafts of this particular post thinking, I’M NOT CURIOUS ENOUGH. And then I got curious about why curious has a ‘u’ and curiosity doesn’t, (which is bloody annoying) and I quickly realised that curiosity doesn’t have to be this big loud WHATTHESHITWASTHAT bang in the middle of an open paddock or whatever.

According to Litham (2008), curiosity is the desire for knowledge, to ask and get an answer and finally breathe, ease ye ol’ mind and be like “I now know that actor’s name because if I didn’t find it out I would be losing my mind for the rest of the day. I also know his current whereabouts and his 5 kids names. He goes for the New York Mets.”

According to me (2017), curiosity is definitely the desire for knowledge, but as busy-body-nosy-humans, we just NEED with all our beings to know what’s going on, all the time, with everyone. At least that’s what it is like with me – and thus, Google and Wikipedia have become my curiosity dealers for all things plane crashyserial killery and, obviously, the 1992 Canadian Open – Men’s Singlesy.


I made this myself because I’m a good little blogger.


I guess I never considered this curiousness as such, more of a hobby or something to pass the time. I love people-watching at a cafe, or listening to dumb gossip about Melanie (did she seriously do that yesterday? like what has been happening with her? it’s over a boy for sure) and I luuurrrvvee reading the wiki page for people who have disappeared mysteriously. Just me being a nosy Nancy.

Or a curious cat.


*crap. They were all crap.


If you are going to do ANYTHING today, do NOT click here.

Or here.

But you can click here.



Litman, J. A. (2008). Interest and deprivation dimensions of epistemic curiosity. Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 1585–1595.

Churchill, L. M. (2017). Curiosity: where is the ‘u’?


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