Churchill? Churches and Hills? Reeaally original.

Okay, so i’m trying *really* hard to write consistently and niceish, but no guarantees right? I’m a busy [not busy] person [sloth] that is ALWAYS [never] doing study and is consistently filling my body with essential nutrients [McDonalds].

I’ve decided to re-boot this old boy, since he’s about 6 months old and can start to blow raspberries on his own without me having to coach him. He is growing up right before my eyes and to be honest, I don’t really think I’ve paid him the attention he deserved.

Churches and Hills (formerly Sluggish Yet Educated, which was formerly WHAT THE FRACK DO I CALL THIS STUPID BLOG THAT I HAVE TO MAKE FOR A SUBJECT OMFG I NEED A SCHNITZEL) is going to become a personal blog of sorts, where I write words that become sentences and hope that someone, somewhere could be reading it. It is still a work in progress, and I really do need to stop referring to chicken or McDonalds products in my work, but I hope that my quirkiness and absolutely horrid ability of spelling and shit/incorrect/itsjustsadnow use of commas will become something that you grow to love.

With, all, my, love.,

Larissa,,,, x


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