Welcome to the real world, Larissa. It’s nice to have you.

Milford Sound thuộc Công viên Quốc gia Fiorland, phía Tây Nam New Zealand

Thanks real world for the lovely introduction, but I’ll take it from here.

You sure, Loz?

Yeah babes, you go out and have a couple of drinks for me xox


WHY do we make a life changing decision, one that seems absolutely perfect at the start, and then everything else left behind starts to crumble? Surely, a beautiful, self-respecting reader like yourself can relate… I’ll give you back story anyway, because this is a blog and I wouldn’t really lead you here if I had nothing more than a strange(?! like seriously Loz get your shit together) exchange with a heading and a random question.


Last year, I had to make the big move from my hometown of Thatplaceinthemiddleofnowhere (never heard of it? All good, you’re really not missing out) to Gong-land. I honestly thought that most of my high school friends would stick with me – they would want to make the effort to catch up when I was home or even make a trip down here for the weekend.

I’m am MOST DEFINITELY not gonna act all innocent here, I haven’t exactly been home much nor would I rush home and try to catch up. We all stop being friends with some people from the group we had in high school – and we generally had a pretty good idea of who those people would be. But, like when you check your bank balance before you’re about to go out, you usually get a couple of surprises (and 9 times out of 10 it is not good).

I honestly never thought I would lose touch with a couple of people in particular – one friend I talked to all of last year and when I was back home in January, we had a total misunderstanding (mostly my fault) and ever since we have barely talked – we caught up for breakfast recently and she seemed fine, but after talking to others I got the impression that that was not really the case.

I’m a person who does not like confrontation (not many do), but it absolutely grinds my gears when people who clearly have a problem with you refuse to say things to your face. Of course, there’s a difference between being nice to someone you dislike just because you don’t want to start trouble and being nice to someone you dislike just to tell your besties so you can have a giggle the next day.

I really need this fixed. And omfg I would LOVE a chicken parmigiana right now but if you’re busy, I get it. We all have stuff to do.

Until next time,

Loz x


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