The Beauty of Beau Taplin: Micro-celebrity

OFxqgO0 - Imgur
Often when people think of online personas and ‘micro-celebrities’, it is often associated with lying and not being truthful about who you really are. You give the best of yourself to thousands of people on the internet often without mentioning the struggles you have faced. Many of these celebrities post photos of themselves, or their food, or how amazing their lives are; yet I have recently discovered one micro celeb that it is raw about his own life and his experiences, no matter how traumatic.

Beau Christopher Taplin is an Australian author who uses social media as his own advertising. He began posting his own thoughts about both the amazing and horrible aspects of life is honest about his own problems and worries. He has social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. He has begun to gain traction with A-List celebrities who repost his quotes and his new self-published book, Buried Light, has proved successful because of his social media presence.

I absolutely ADORE Beau, I think his style of writing and just overall honesty about how shitty life can be is just a testament that not all micro-celebrities have to be obsessed with themselves and show off their ‘perfect’ lives.



(The clearly very ugly)* Beau Taplin



Read more about Beau:



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