“How’s your DA going?” “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Literally my conversation with every other BCM student over the last month.
This digital artifact is so hard to keep going.

Moving to UOW is basically all user contribution, so it is so tough trying to get people to like it (without being like THAT guy who won’t stop posting stupid photos of their cat wearing a sombrero)

It had been over a month since I last posted, so I decided to give Moving to UOW a reboot (without really “rebooting”)
New profile picture + more content + more advertisement = more likes (More. More. MOOORRREEEE!!!) I’m so keen to really get this beautiful ol’ taco truck up and running again!

Check it out!



One Reply to ““How’s your DA going?” “LEAVE ME ALONE!””

  1. A cool idea for a digital artifact i look forward to checking it out, may want to give your post another edit or two you have a bit of a repetition habit. There’s a lot of words you use several times in the same sentence. good luck with your blog and DA, I feel your pain 🙂


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