Snapchat: Allowing YOU to be a journalist since 2011

Before we start, I just want to make two things very clear:

  1. Note that I said Snapchat allows you to be a journalist. I didn’t say you were good, so don’t get all cocky.
  2.  If you came here for “sexy journalism” i.e Snapchat nudes then you’re in the wrong place. Sorry.
We’ll just leave this here.


Snapchat is all about sending photos and videos, documenting what’s happening and sharing it with all your friends. People take selfies with celebrities, video events happening around them and laugh with their friends about the dumb stuff that Melanie posted last night (like oh my god, what the hell is wrong with her????).

Snapchat has introduced features like ‘Discover’ and ‘Live’ which enable users to interact with and become the news. ‘Discover’ allows “real” journalists such as the Daily Mail, MTV, CNN and National Geographic to give quick recaps of the days events or things coming up in the world.

‘Live’ enables us, the “citizen” journalists, to supply our own recaps of an event, such as Cinco De Mayo, the Kentucky Derby or even videos and photos of the American election. The internet has allowed our friends, our family and even ourselves to become a journalist (and I didn’t even need a degree! Suck on that Mum!)


Welcome to the future, kids!



4 Replies to “Snapchat: Allowing YOU to be a journalist since 2011”

  1. Hey Larissa! This post is literally the best I’ve seen yet.
    It’s so relatable since almost EVERYONE uses snapchat and I have since day one.
    I like the your discussion of the how the “Live” feature practically makes anyone using the app a journalist and you nailed it with the Melanie reference haha
    If there was room for improvement, I’d like to hear your opinion and see from your side, your thoughts of the app and it’s features.
    Here’s a link on just a little lowdown of the topic and where this guy thinks journalism is going in relation to technology etc. I would’ve loved to read your critique on it!
    But other than that, great post, very relatable and intriguing!
    – Lachy.

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    1. Thanks Lachy! I’m glad you liked it! 👍🏼
      Yeah I think I should have put a bit more of my own opinion in there now that you mention it.. Bloody 150 words!!! Curse you!
      Thanks again dude!


  2. Snapchat is a great tool in the citizen journalists arsenal and snapchat knows this. Great work discussing the “discover” feature within snapchat. It allows many different people to create a story of an event that anyone with the app can view and contribute to. It would have been interesting for you to discuss how snapchat has played a massive role in breaking stories. The Boston Bombings was mainly reported on by citizens using apps like snapchat. Overall, I enjoyed the angle of this article but wished you gave some more examples. That 150 word limit is always hard to work around.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s pretty amazing/scary that anything can be shared so easily to literally anyone, especially on something like Snapchat. Thanks for the feedback, I always struggle with the word limit but sometimes I get distracted by working out how I am going to approach a topic and not giving enough thought into my arguments. Thanks again!


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