IXM/PRI/RNBU!!  Mix/Rip/Burn!
(I just remixed my own words. What-up)

I like to think of remixes as angels that bring back the dead. A lot of popular songs released in the 70s, 80s & 90s are now finding their way back up the charts because of remixing a song or chucking two together. Often remixing proves just as much talent as the individual who created the original track – pushing the limits and using musical skills to slide one song into another. An amazing example of this is Pop Danthology – Daniel Kim uploads his remixes and mashups onto YouTube and it is truly astonishing how we makes it flow and work together to create an entirely new(ish) song!

I’ve given remixing a go with one of my views I gave on Copyright. It’s not great, I know, but hey Flume didn’t come up with ‘Holdin On‘ straight off the bat so I’m not really stressed.


If you’re interested in listening to something AWESOME after what you have just been subjected to then look no further! One of my favourite Simpsons things right now.




One Reply to “IXM/PRI/RNBU”

  1. This is a really good blog post and I would love to hear more but your soundcloud didn’t work. 😦
    I have found an article based on a TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson explaining “how remix culture fuels creativity” not only in music but in any “new” creation. I thought this could be helpful to you as you explain how remixing is almost as tedious and just as enjoyable as the original content being reproduced.


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