Moving to UOW: Annotated Bibliography Part 2!

Welcome to the second and final part of Moving to UOW‘s annotated bibliography!


Search Engine Optimization 

This source documents the best ways to maximise a website or page in order for it to be more accessible for an individual searching for a particular topic. Search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing ‘read’ through documents on the internet in order to give a relevant answer to a question posed in a search engine.

Because Moving to UOW is just starting out and needs the publicity, this source not only explained SEO’s but also gave me advice on how to get my page onto a popular search engine; such as am I making clear the purpose/content of my page and whether what I have published is helpful or does it hinder a search engines scoping capabilities. Although a helpful source, it is difficult to promote Moving to UOW with little content – something I aim to improve as my DA progresses.



Chattr is a Facebook and webpage news site that updates stories about global events and everyday happenings. It utilises a variety of media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and its own website to inform and entertain readers and viewers alike.

Chattr and Moving to UOW are similar in the fact that its purpose is to educate users as well as providing advice for those who may be struggling and may require help and support from other students. Although a helpful source in developing my DA, Moving to UOW is more focused on student experiences and feelings rather than a global news platform.


UOW: Where Are They Now


UOW: Where Are They Now is also a digital artifact that is mainly on Facebook. It discusses the stories of those who have graduated, their experiences and what hardships they have been through in order to get where they are today.

Like Moving to UOW, it is motivated by user contribution. It also enables current and prospective students to explore and react to different situations and give support to those who have had to face challenges in the past. However, Moving to UOW’s main purpose is to provide support to one particular demographic – those who have had to make the move to Wollongong and how they have dealt with that particular situation.


Moving Away from home for the first time! My Advice

YouTuber Britney Lee Saunders made a vlog documenting her experiences about moving out of home at such a young age. She talks about the financial hardships she faced, as well as the difficulties in finding a home and not living directly with a strong and reliable support system.

Like Moving to UOW, she decided to document her experiences in order to give advice and assistance to those who are thinking of moving out or those who are struggling with their decision to move away. However, Moving to UOW aims to collect the experiences of not just one individual, but a range of people to provide a better understanding and more relatable stories to become of help to someone who is having difficulty coping.


Tips for successful marketing through Facebook

This web source gives advice to people who may be struggling with promoting or using their page effectively. It gives advice on how regularly to post without compromising those who have liked the page, encourages the use of photos and videos and the importance of interacting with other uses to build a successful page.

Although this page is generally for businesses seeking to expand onto the internet, I found some helpful advice that assisted me in advertising my page without over-promoting. The initial start-up of any page is difficult – this webpage also introduced me to Facebook Insights, where it gives you a general demographic of the page and how to broaden or focus on that information successfully.


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