Simpsons, Squishies and S-transmedia

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Okay so first of all – I needed some sweet, sweet alliteration for my title and there isn’t any other word starting with s for transmedia.

Stop judging me, it’s been a long night yeah?

The concept of trans media has allowed writers, directors and inventors to expand their brands and capitalize on multi-media platforms. It’s definitely a win/win – consumers get their favourite show  in a variety of different ways, and those who develop it get to reap the financial rewards.


Oooh that’s a good squishie.

The Simpsons is the epitome of transmedia success. It is a TV show, a critically acclaimed movie, has published hundreds of comic books, has various games on a variety of different consoles,  has its own LEGO range, jigsaw puzzle range, has its own albums AND has a world dedicated to Springfield at the Universal Studios in Hollywood, USA (just to name a few).

Check out my (first!!!) YouTube video featuring the Simpsons about understanding the concepts Ted spits out.


NOTE: FOX Broadcasting blocked my video based on copyright grounds. Hopefully next week all will be good!






One Reply to “Simpsons, Squishies and S-transmedia”

  1. Hey there,
    First of all just wanted to say that I actually laughed out loud when I read the first line of your blog about the alliteration and no words starting with ‘S’ for transmedia. But anywho, I found your use of The Simpsons as a transmedia product to be quite interesting as The Simpsons has been so successful through it’s TV shows, movies, and even children’s toys. Another great thing about The Simpsons and transmedia is the fact that due to crossing over multiple channels The Simpsons had gained great revenue, which is pretty intriguing. I found this online and found it to be pretty fascinating – “The Simpsons merchandise sold well and generated $2 billion in revenue during the first 14 months of sales. In 2008, $750 million worth of The Simpsons merchandise was purchased worldwide. In 2003, about 500 companies around the world were licensed to use Simpsons characters in their advertising.”

    Taleasha 🙂


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