The e-Sports Revolution


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The world of e-Sports has become bigger than anyone could have anticipated, as it is hosted on the biggest platform possible – the internet. Over 27 million people watched the 2015 League of Legends championships compared to National Basketball Association (NBA) finals with only 15 million.

It is becoming a growth industry indeed, with big companies such as Red Bull and Samsung taking  advantage of the publicity by sponsoring teams or events.

Many suggest that having a television channel designated to e-Sports is way overdue. However, I believe that having a TV channel would be taking a step back – online is where all their viewership is and is more convenient and accessible than having to access it on Foxtel.

Check out my prezi for more information on e-Sports and some pretty interesting figures!

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One Reply to “The e-Sports Revolution”

  1. It’s interesting that e-sports has as bigger following as it does. The fact that League of Legends had more viewers than the NBA finals and World Series combined is amazing. It shows just how huge this has become and more and more companies like the ones you have said will jump on board. I agree that a TV channel would be a step back as the world is moving towards being fully online and an industry such as this which is based around being online, would be best suited to stay there. This was a great blog post, very informative!


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