Convergence Culture: A Different Approach

Put things together.
Make stuff.

Okay, that was my attempt at a Kanye West-esque rap song, but since I’m not cut out for any type of song writing nor am I married in a family that NEVER seems to end I’ll just stop and think.

Media convergence is all about making things more accessible and convenient. By having a phone plus internet, music, messaging and games, it makes our life has humans easier. While in deep thought of this, I began to wonder if media convergence could only be considered a merge of different media platforms OR whether it could also be considered  as  a convergence on one particular person.

I thus realised that I was going to take a different approach to this. Instead of focusing on an item or product that is media convergence, I would talk about someone whose success is based on media convergence.

Kim Kardashian.

I know, I know, you’re probably reading this and being all like, “Are you on drugs?” And although I’m not on any of the illegal stuff, you could say I’m high on education and ideas.
*enter your Year 12 English teacher with lipstick permanently stuck on her teeth and a twinkle in her eye despite the fact she got called a fat b**** FOUR times last period*

kim k.jpg
The convergence of sad Kim

Anyway, I think Kim Kardashian is one the best examples of media convergence (or at least helps me understand most of the concepts).  She is the basis for a reality TV show, she currently has three apps – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, her own personal app Kim Kardashian West and has her own emoji line Kimoji – she has a website/blog, a clothing line she created with two of her sisters, countless fragrances and cosmetics lines just to name a few.

Kim K is a media empire. She has amassed a huge cult following all over the world because of her multiple businesses that have converged into one multi-million dollar brand. And it suppose it is pretty great when that brand is literally yourself.

She is proof that media convergence is necessary when building up a particular brand or even just marketing a particular product. People want a huge array of things with Kim’s name plastered all over them just as people want a phone that can give them everything they want at a click of a button. However, when does it become too much? What happens when a smartphone morphs into something totally different, or strays too far away from its original purpose?

Fun fact: Kardashian autocorrected to Sharkskin on my laptop. I just had to put that out there.



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