Project Home: Moving to UOW

uow smaller
Initial logo for the page

Moving away from home was one of the toughest things I have ever done. It was even harder moving to Wollongong knowing only two people they both did different degrees and lived on a different campus.

I originally developed an idea that involved reality TV and how it matches up with an average person’s everyday life, but I found it was 1. going to be too time-consuming and 2. get annoying and boring. If you want to read my first blog post for “Reality” VS Reality then click here.

I decided that I would start a Facebook page (and perhaps an Instagram) about students that have moved away from home (whether that be an hour, 10 hours or across the globe). I’m hoping to post at least 3 times a week if I get other students to contribute enough and be able to develop a global UOW network where people can interact with others about the struggles of moving away or leaving home.

Just a quick plug: if you are interested in contributing to the page (which would be much appreciated!!) please message the facebook page or email a little blurb about yourself, where you’re from, what you study and how hard/easy/awesome/omfgwhathaveidone it has been to move away and the changes you had to face.

Please add a photo to your submission; whether it’s of yourself, you and your friends, your hometown or just something you feel represents you.

Note: the logo for ‘Moving to UOW’ is not for public use.



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