“Hey Mum! Android looked at me again!” – Apple

Apple VS Android Preziclick here.

With Apple just releasing a new product called the iPhone SE – with some reviewers making the big call that no one should ever consider purchasing a mid-range Android phone anymore – it is still evident that Apple is trying to dominate a market that has been owned by Samsung (which uses an Android interface) smartphones for about 6 years.

The prezi bellow illustrates a major lawsuit that was launched between the two companies in 2012. Samsung and Apple have been known to sue over patent infringements and although juries have decided that there has been some violations of patent law, it almost seems that  Apple launches lawsuits because Samsung looked at them the wrong way. And then Apple is awarded a ridiculous amount of money because it hurt.

I think I might sue someone for breathing because I do it too.

When you urinate on your closest competitor. Nice.

image credit: http://ssl.gstatic.com/android/market/com.custom.lwp.androidvsapplepee/ss-0-320-480-160-0-f441a355157697f4be4af85dbeba88e476a709da


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