Before this degree, I kind thought that copyright was a good thing – it allowed authors, artists and publishers to gain recognition for their hard work and be able to flaunt their projects in front of people without being worried some guy from Tassie is going to steal it from them..

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One Reply to “Copyright/Copywrong”

  1. Hey Larissa!
    You’ve created such a thoughtful post. I really support how you’ve taken on this weeks topic from the opinion of an average consumer or content creator and have highlighted the injustices that they may experience as a result. You’ve given insight into how copyright is sold in such a positive light to the public and to the uneducated, seems like nothing but a form of protection to intellectual property. You’ve complemented this by stating how some breaches of copyright may be unreasonable and unintended, occurring only innocently as others try to show off their talents or express their creative ideas. It would be great to see you ultimately do a comparison of the positives caused by copyrights (which are primarily felt by the monopoly creators) to the negatives which are imposed upon the remainder of the population. Maybe even a note or two on how this is limiting how far the public can grow creatively in such a ‘permission’ based culture.
    Regardless, I loved your work.


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